Founding members

Dr Eleni Ikoniadou ︎︎︎
Eleni is a writer, theorist and practitioner born in Athens and based in London. She specialises in digital art and critical theory, drawing on contemporary sonic, technocultural, alternative futurisms. She became Senior Tutor in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art in May 2018 and prior to that was Senior Lecturer, member of the London Graduate School and founder and director of the Audio Culture Research Unit at Kingston University.
Dr Matt Lewis ︎︎︎
Matt is a sound artist and musician, his work focusses on the relationships between sound and the social. Matt studied at Dartington College and Goldsmiths, where he completed his PhD in 2013. Matt has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally in countries including Austria, Brazil, Portugal, Serbia and the USA, in festivals and venues such as Whitechapel Gallery, Café Oto, The Roundhouse, Diapason NYC, MK Gallery and Centro Cultural Sao Paulo. 
Ronnie Deelen ︎︎︎
Ronnie is an artist and designer who works with image, sound and technology. Ronnie's work explores synthesis aiming to create fictional sound landscapes. His work as a solo illustrator and animator focusses on contemporary character design inspired by nature and biology. Founder of a monthly event called White Noise showcasing sound experiments by students at the Royal College of Art.
Eleonora Oreggia ︎︎︎
Eleonora, aka xname, is an Italian new media artist based in London. Her interests include metaphysics, electronics, software, performance and interactivity. She works with self made instruments and open source software for live performance and interactive installation, expanding from visual and software art to electronic music. Her work, ultimately cryptic, ritualistic and noise, engages in the construction of perceptual phenomena and environments that explore the concepts of illusion and the virtual, stimulating new forms of perception and questioning the notion of materiality and presence, and the role that memory, experience and eventually our ancestors have in the formation of identity.