Strange Nature: Siesta Sound Session 
5 December 2019, Royal College of Art, South Kensington, London

Artists and writers Jennifer Boyd and Madeleine Stack host a collective deep listening session that will cruise through a variety of vocalic and sonic realms. Containing factory frayed digi-opiate voices, love letters spoken by weathered chords, acid burns fighting molecular infections, the high pitches of nocturnal bullfrog language, and the steady dripping of red PVC and contaminated water, the session includes informal introduction to collective listening, and a short discussion of each of their sound practices and the works being aired.

Jennifer Boyd is a writer working in text, sound and performance. Projects include A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text and its sonic counterpart Raw Red Redux in collaboration with Yantan Ministry (COUNTRY MUSIC, 2017, 2019); and Skinned / Detouched (Eastside Projects & Motto Books, 2018) an artist book by Alice Channer, which was then rendered in sound and aired in various locations online, in the UK and Europe. Boyd is the co-curator of SHELL LIKE listening events, which have included sound works and commissions by artists and writers including Larry Achiampong, Penny Goring, Jade Montserrat, Heather Phillipson, Nisha Ramayya and Tai Shani.

Madeleine Stack is an artist and writer. Her work has been published in BOMB, aqnb, Another Gaze, Salt, un magazine and Doggerland. Recent exhibitions include How are you still clean? at ICA (London), Future Skinned at Metro Arts (Brisbane), Fatal Softness at The Koppel Project (London) and screenings, performances and readings at Peer Gallery, Gossamer Fog, LUX Moving Image (London) and Eastside Projects (Birmingham) — the latter two as part of SHELL LIKE listening events. In 2019 her sound work Portable Monument was commissioned by the BBC and ICA for national radio broadcast. She is co-editor, with Bjørk Grue Lidin, of Canal, a publication of politics and poetics.