Polisonics Launch ︎︎︎
Season: Spring 2022
Artists: Eleni Ikon, xname, Ronnie Deelan and Matt Lewis
Type: Performance
Location: Iklectik
Experimental performance and sound exploration to celebrate the  official launch of the Polisonics research group.  

Polany LP ︎︎︎
Season: Spring 2021/Winter 2020 
Artist: Ronnie Deelan
Type: Music
Location: Polish Low Beskids mountain range
This album was recorded in February 2020 at a cottage in a small village called Polany. All recordings are live improvisations on modular synth.
Strange Nature: Siesta Sound Session ︎︎︎
Season: Winter 2019 
Artists: Jennifer Boyd and Madeleine Stack
Type: Deep listening, Workshop
Location: Royal College of Art
A collective deep listening session that cycling through a variety of vocalic and sonic realms.
Regalo Exquisito ︎︎︎
Season: all 
Artist: Matt Lewis
Type: Residency, Sound collective
Location: SomaRumor Artist Residency
Regalo Exquisito is a sound collective formed as part of SomaRumor Artist Residency. Regalo Exquisito is a space for artists from different parts of the world to explore connectivity, affective resonance and vibration together.